Dear Business Owner,

Are you Sick and Tired of not having a consistent and predictable flow of new customers knocking on your door showing interest in your products and offers?

If you don’t already have a consistent flow of customers knocking on your door then you are probably still relying on word of mouth and referrals only to run your business. In other words you rely on other people to attract people to your business rather than doing it yourself. To begin with, do not rely on past customers to bring you new customers, take matters in your own hands.

It’s 2019 and your future customers are all on SOCIAL MEDIA. If you want to grow your business you need to meet them where they are!

Therefore using it properly will give you control of consistent and predictable flow of potential customers. By not adapting to Social Media you are leaving money on the table and one of your competitors will start using it properly and as a result, you might find yourself in a very tough position in the near future.

However, you are probably thinking “But I have a Facebook Page, Instagram account and I post almost every day but that brings no business”

For clarification, Facebook’s Organic Reach (when you simply post on your page) is something like 5-6% which means that out of 100 likes only 5 or 6  of your followers will see your post and if they don’t ENGAGE (like, comment or share) with your post no one else will see it.

Let me cover another myth, boosting posts is not a good method of advertising on Facebook. Facebook makes it easy to spend money with them and they will flood you with people who are from everywhere (not people who will buy from you) just so they can show you some results.

Gone are the days where you can have a simple website and some social media accounts.

All of your customers are 100% on Social Media, wouldn’t it make sense to advertise there (the right way, not with boosting posts).

But more importantly, you need to have SYSTEMS in place to properly IDENTIFY, COMMUNICATE, CAPTURE and CONVERT them.


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"We guarantee our results, if we don't deliver we work for FREE until we do"

George Bogoev

Founder and Owner
Theta Digital

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Get EXCLUSIVE New Customers Today:

Our “Customers On Demand”System Includes:

Guaranteed Results

Get a set number of exclusive customer opportunities/appointments in your desired area every month, guaranteed! 

We don’t deliver, you don’t pay!

Exclusive Customer Opportunities

We promote the offers and services you care about the most. In order for somebody to receive this offer, they must submit their name, number, and email as we help guide them to become a customer of yours. 

Lead Nurturing & Sales Training

Our system consistently gets booked appointments. We help nurture them, convert them, and get more new faces into your door. 

Conversion Academy

Worried if this system is right for your team? Don’t stress. We provide extensive training, sales scripts, and strategy sessions to train your team and maximise your Return on Investment. 


Where most agencies rely on SEO,  Social Management and Reach/Impressions.

We rely and focus on real £££ sales.

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